Who we are.

GoFeatureless is an online resource and community dedicated to promoting the continued development of California featureless rifles by tackling the stigma of “compliance” with specific content about function, ergonomics, and aesthetics. We provide a simple platform where rifle owners can educate themselves about what options are available for configuring a California compliant featureless rifle.

About GoFeatureless.com

Our mission is to be the #1 resource for all things featureless. We welcome all gun owners without judgement and invite them to continue pushing the featureless trend forward by sharing their build notes, comparing setups, and promoting the manufacturers who tackle the boundaries of compliance with innovative products.

Most importantly, we stress the importance becoming a part of the continued fight for Second Amendment rights in the State of California and across the United States. Voting is not enough. Donate and become a member of organizations that accept no compromise to The Second Amendment. We encourage our followers to contribute to the legal battle and political activities fighting for our right to keep and bear arms.

GoFeatureless started in response to an increase of new gun ownership in California (and across the nation) during the 2020 COVID19 shelter in place. An unparalleled rise in gun sales followed by an increase in demand for parts, ammunition, education and training occurred. A small group of friends passionate about the industry identified a need and agreed to focus on one facet of California’s growing firearms market – featureless rifles. Thus, GoFeatureless was born out of our compelling desire to help new and existing rifle owners navigate a sea of information on the Internet and Social Media by putting it all under one roof.

The truth is we’re not lawyers, we don’t have all the answers and we can’t make everyone happy.However, as long as featureless is a legal, we bridge the gap by creating a community and following that is accessible, cohesive, and forward thinking. Build with purpose.